ofheroismandsacrifice said: “What’s gotten into me?” she laughs, holding the tulip out to her. “I just wanted to see you, dear. I have happy news for once.” She grins, eyes bright with joy. “Tea would be delightful, dear. Thank you.”

Cherise reached for the tulip and held it close to her chest with a happy smile. “My favorite… Ooh… Tell me while I put the kettle on. I’ve got a few tins of tea types, so anything that you want… Tell me the happy news! Wait! Let me guess… You’re in love!”

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    It was a story that was all too familiar. Time that stood still as one felt as if they had to wait for eternity to pass...
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    "Goodness, yes. Fifty-five years, Cherise. Fifty-five. Though time did sort of…halt while we were under the curse, we...