» M!AS: Some Drama to Slip Into: A SEQUEL!
A little brother to the original. Need some drama for no reason other than you need drama? Here are some M!As for you. As with last time, please specify how long the M!A lasts or allow the mun/roleplayer to decide how long this will last. Enjoy!
Vehicle: Your character has been in an vehicular accident.
Anemic: Your character is losing a lot of blood.
Water: Your character can feel liquid filling their lungs.
Hot: Red and splotchy, your character's skin has started to turn into third degree burns.
Vertigo: Your character feels as if the room is spinning and will now experience all the symptoms of vertigo.
Shocking: Your character has just been struck by lightning.
Drip: Your character is haunted by the sound of water and it's slowly driving them mad.
Sleep: Quietly and unexpectedly, your character slips into a coma. (Please allow for the roleplayer to decide!)
Guilt: A moment from the past has consumed your character and the guilt has overtaken them, paralyzing them.
Alone: Your character believes they are abandoned and left for dead. If someone is in the room with them, they are heard in an echo.
Stiff: Your character has no movement from the waist down. If they attempt to move, it is painful.
Swell: Your character is suffering from a severe allergic reaction.
Impale: Your character has just been stabbed.
Fly: Your character has fallen from a great height.
Mind: It started off as just a tiny ache. Your character is now suffering from a migraine.