» M!As: Some Drama to Slip Into
Sometimes we need a little drama for absolutely no reason. Sometimes we need to be a little extra sadistic. Sometimes our followers would love to be extra sadistic. Here's a little list of M!As you can use. Use it wisely! Please specify how long the M!A lasts or let that be up to the poor sod who goes up for this torture. Feel free to add more.
Cardiac: Your character starts showing the signs of a heart attack.
Shrapnel: Your character has been shot in the (anon specified). (Someone can come forward as the shooter, otherwise attack is case of mistaken identity.)
Bitten: Your character has been bitten by an animal.
Snap: Your character has broken their limb. (Anon specify limb broken.)
Flesh Wound: Your character is bleeding from the (anon specified).
Scrambled: Your character has a bit of head trauma and is confused.
Fever: Your character is suffering from a high fever.
Scars: Any old scars your character has have started to burn.
Paranoia: Your character has become severely paranoid.
Pox: Your character cannot stop scratching.
Chill: Icy to the touch, your character cannot seem to get warm.
Mania: Your character has gone on a rampage and cannot seem to be calmed.
Nightmare: Your character has fallen into a deep sleep and is haunted by vivid nightmares.
Wheeze: Your character gradually feels unable to breathe.
Imaginary: Your character starts to hallucinate.