fairy things and cricket wings
I'm bored. Fill my inbox with prompts!
Kiss: My character will kiss yours.
Comfort: My character will hug yours.
Date: I will write an account of what would happen if our characters went on a date.
Truth: My character will tell you what they think of yours in all honesty.
Tender: I will write some sweet fluff between our characters.
Run!: I will write some action with our characters involved.
Break: My character will greatly upset yours.
Oops: I will write our characters getting into some trouble.
Morning: What my character would say if they woke up in bed next to yours.
AU: I will write an AU drabble with my character and yours.
Marry: My character will propose to yours.
Drafts: For unsent texts
Wine: For the drunken phone-call/text
Night: For the two am text/call