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ooc: I was checking on my dash and seeing what was shaking and I noticed my follower count went up.

"WHAT THE FUCK I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN RPING! I’ve been wallowing in my own self-loathing and being miserable! Who the hell is it?!"

Then I looked. I smiled.

"OOOOH NO! NO! Auto follow! YAAAAAY!"

Because certain people in certain circles get the auto follow because you know who you are.

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My pleasure, dear. You know I’m here for you if you’d like to chat.

ooc: I’m on skype right now while I’m medicated. :D

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You are valuable, you matter. Everyone has days that are hard, or even months or years, but things will get better. This message is to remind you that you are worthwhile and you are remarkable and capable. Remember that you have made it through much more than you thought you could. Pass this message on to ten followers to help them, too!

ASKED BY leavingonehappier.

ooc: Today I really needed that. Between all of my pain and all of the horrible stuff that’s happened since my visit to Uni of Penn, I really, really needed that.

Because there’s a lot of days I don’t feel like that. Thank you for sending that along.

It’s hard to keep going with my arm like this. I can hardly find the creativity to write as freely as I used to.

But stuff like this? It helps.

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A Royal Affair | @adoctorsconscience


Jiminy thought it was unfortunate that he should be the kindest person she ever met. He certainly tried to be kind and considerate to other people, but he didn’t think himself the kindest of them all. Surely there were individuals out there that far surpassed him in this ability- her, for one. 

"I suppose…it’s not exactly a prison," he said of her question. "I could leave if I wished. I could go in search of something else out there…I’ve thought about it before. But the truth is, I’m needed here. There are very few fairies that have extensive medicinal knowledge and I just really feel…that a life not lived to help others is an empty one."

He sighed heavily, wondering why he was telling her all of this. She was undoubtedly tired of hearing it all now. 

"It’s…alright that I haven’t found someone to share my life with yet. I already share it with everyone I nurse back to health. That’s legacy enough for anyone, I think." 

All Thumbelina could reflect on was what her own legacy would be. She slowly sat herself up in bed while fighting with the nausea. It slowly abated and she was able to keep herself sitting up while gazing thoughtfully up at Jiminy. Slowly, her hand reached out for his and she swallowed a painful lump in her throat. She didn’t know if it was from the poison or if it was from the worry she felt growing within her.

The weary queen gently squeezed the healer’s hand. “I would see to it you are celebrated for your goodness. I know my legacy would be questioned… I am not beautiful like Tabitha before me. I don’t have magic. I’m not graceful… I am unclean. I’m sure they would have liked it if you had let me die. But you use your knowledge and your heart. Your kind, beautiful heart.”

She felt warm suddenly. It wasn’t from fever, but there was a strange, fluttering warmth that overcame Thumbelina and she found herself drawn to Jiminy. Each word kept her wrapped around him, listening and breathing heavily as her eyes fluttered. “You share it with me, then. You saved me. You did more than that…”

Her eyes remained closed for a moment and she lowered her voice so a light whisper.

"Is there anything I may do for you now? I would like, if I may, to sing for you. When I’m a little better, I want to sing for you. I haven’t sang willingly since my friend, the swallow left me."

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//I ain’t quitting you. (yeah I went there.) :3

ooc: <3 If I wasn’t in so much bone crushing pain I could express better in words how happy that makes me.

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Important if you RP with grumblygardens.

ooc: Aight guys you’ve noticed I haven’t posted a reply in a while.

"What’s wrong with Cherise’s mun?"

Well I’m having trouble at work with my whole CRPS/RSD thing and things are getting worse in my life. I have very little energy or passion when I’m in constant pain.

I’m sad to say that if I’m not rping my ship, I’m pretty depressed. So what does that mean? I guess it means I’m just not motivated anymore. I just don’t want to. When moving my right hand and arm just gives me excruciating pain, it’s hard to find a reason to be happy anymore.

So I guess I’m going to be that terrible rper and seek comfort in my ship and neglect everything else. I’m sorry, but I don’t have the energy. I don’t have what I used to have. I’d love to rp with people, but I’m honestly in so much pain that it’s near impossible.

That doesn’t mean I’m quitting or dropping everyone. It just means replies are going to take damned near forever and I’ll be favoring my ship as a way to comfort myself, because emotionally I really need it.

If you’d like to unfollow now, I don’t blame you. Go right ahead. No regrets. No hard feelings. I need to do for me right now.

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ooc: Stuff below the cut. Not sure about Cherise’s future right now.

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ooc: So the visit to the surgeon had not really good news. There’s a possible procedure we can do that’s been like the nerve blocks I get, but it’s kinda settling into the house that I’m going to be in pain for the rest of my life.

So um… I don’t know. I’m physically tired and I’m in a weird state of mind.

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ooc: Alright. After I get back from Philly I’ll do the drafts saved for itsybitsymonster and lookforthesecondstar . Cause I’d rather do the fun things on a better state of mind. :D

See you after my doctor’s visit. G’night.

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Something Burning - (M!A: Crippling Illness - Open)


Tris stood there for a few more moments, thinking about all that happened before she touched the cool doorknob and turned it, opening the door. She looked around the room and felt her gut clench in fear. What would happen when she saw her sister? She got her answer rather soon as she looked down and saw her sister under a blanket with Pogo beside her. Furrowing her eyebrows, Tris rushed to her side. “Cherise! Cherise, are you alright?” She asked and touched her sister’s arm. “Please don’t kick me out. I’m learning how to control it. I’m so sorry. I want to help. Let me help. What can I do?” 

The tiny, ailing woman poked her head up from her throw blanket nest and opened an eye to stare at her sister. If she wasn’t in so much pain, she probably would have thrown a pillow at her or commanded Pongo to at least pee on her foot (in vain because getting a dog to pee on command wasn’t something that happened). Instead, Cherise just gently pulled her fevered body away from Tris and slithered back into the protective embrace of the blanket.

"Please stop talking. You’re making the room vibrate," She groaned softly.

Pongo placed his head on Cherise’s back and stared up at Tris, licking his lips, then hopped off the couch to give his master’s wife a bit of space.

"Shhhh. I’m burning below my belly button and you’re making my head spin. Inside voice."

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Something Burning - (M!A: Crippling Illness - Open)


With the current event of meeting Adrian, Tris had gotten more control of the evil inside her. She knew that it still existed but she always tried to envision what he told her, how she was not born that way and that it could be defeated. She knew part of her wanted to visit her sister but how could she? The last time they spoke she was in and out of her sickness and she had acted terribly towards her sister. She walked towards the house and just before she got to the door she shut her eyes tight, thinking that she could defeat, she could conquer it. She looked in the window slightly and saw inside Cherise’s wonderful home and she felt terrible. She bit her lip and stood there, unable to knock or move. 

Everything was swimming and the terrible pain kept her pinned to the couch. With all of the strength she could muster, Cherise retreated under the blanket and forgot about the shadowy figure she had spied through the window. Pongo’s whines had fallen on deaf ears. Eventually, he’d be quiet and lay down with her. The couch shifted and she recognized the feeling of being cuddled with a needy and affectionate dalmatian.

She couldn’t move. It was just too difficult anymore. Everything was burning within her and it was far too painful to move anymore.

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A Royal Affair | @adoctorsconscience


Jiminy smiled faintly, more to himself than anything else. He really didn’t know what to say to her compliments. It made him sad to know he was the first person to ever treat her kindly. What kind of a life must she have lead in the royal court? He had always assumed it would be one ignorant bliss for anyone was a part of it, but for her, at least, that seemed to not be the case at all. She spoke as if she was a prisoner.

"It must be fate that we’ve met," he said. "Or pleasant coincidence, perhaps. Because no one has ever been as kind to me as you are. It’d be a lie to say I expected that from Prince Cornelius’ Queen, but well…I’m not sure I would’ve been able to count on meeting someone like you in any case." 

He flushed a little and took back the empty vial, more so he’d have a reason to conceal his face than any practical purpose. 

"It’s a nice thought, but if there even is or was a viable someone out there for me, I’ve eluded her this long, I doubt anything will change. In any case, she probably got tired of waiting and married someone else." 

Thumbelina’s fingers slipped down the vial and felt her fingers brush against Jiminy’s for a split second. She was still a little woozy and unaware of just how clumsy she was. With her weak fingers gently grasping, she blinked a few times having noticed the gentle feeling of someone’s hand near her own, but didn’t speak. It was just a delightful feeling she would keep to herself and never speak of again.

Lina face brightened, despite her feebleness, and she seemed truly touched by Jiminy’s words. “I…I believe in f-fate.” She stuttered. “Fate has always been kind to me. She just takes a bit of time.”

The words seemed out of place, so the young queen looked up at the ceiling. Her lips curled into a frown and she shook her head, which she immediately regretted with a whimper as she brought a hand to gently nurse her forehead from the deep pressing pain.

"Life brings us to funny places. It brought you here to treat me… And see, you’ve become the nicest, kindest person I’ve ever met in my life. Life has something in store for you… You mean to tell me that you simply work and there’s nothing else for you? Is…is your life a prison, too?" The smile that poked through the wincing soon turned into a worried frown directed at the healer.

"I’m sorry, I shouldn’t ask you."

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Something Burning - (M!A: Crippling Illness - Open)


(OOC: Finally getting to play out the second half of that M!A because I’ve been sad, in pain, and just plain too tired to do much else. Sorry. Here’s an open.)

Cherise didn’t want to arrange a babysitter for the day, but with just how oddly she had been feeling, she found herself unable to say no when Marco and Granny had offered to entertain the children for the day.

She wasn’t sure how many hours had passed, but time had run away from her once she had taken Pongo for a quick stroll around the garden. Cherise had curled up on the couch with a fleece throw covering half of her shivering body while she clung helplessly to a pillow.

There was a pain tearing within her. Was it something she ate from dinner the night before? Did she need more water? No, gods! No more water… No more water! She shivered and buried her face into a pillow.

Half-lidded eyes glanced to a window. Were those shapes or just her vision playing tricks on her with the pain? Was someone visiting?

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ooc: Okay so I’m online. Tomorrow I go to Philly for a surgeon consultation.

Remember that M!A opener? Still not replied to. People should reply to it.

I’m gonna reblog it too. So um. Kisses. :D

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