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It wasn’t often that the Hoppers got a night out like this without children. Let it never be said that Archie and Cherise didn’t love their precious bairns, of course, considered them the greatest treasures either of them could ever possess…but, occasionally, Mommy and Daddy need some time away to just enjoy each other. As such, nights like these were treasured as well.

Archie had taken his wife to a fancy dinner, he had wined and dined her, both had drunk more than they probably should have. It was fine though because their house was within walking distance of town and the night was clear, crisp, autumnal- romantic and perfect for the occasion. 

With an arm swung low about her waist and half-bent over (as was necessary for their height difference) Archie did his best to keep her upright even as he was having difficulty walking straight too. He long ago stopped wondering what the townspeople would think if they saw the resident psychiatrist walking home inebriated. Cherise had thankfully taken that sort of self-consciousness away (probably around the time they ended up making not-so-quiet love on the public beach and conceiving the triplets in the process).

Archie knew that when they got home the kids would be sound asleep, there would be opportunity enough for them to have even more alone time together. But he also knew how vocal they could be having tipsy sex…doing so at home suddenly seemed like a not-so-wise idea. 

Which was just as well, as the two of them seemed to enjoy romps outdoors just and much as in.

"If we really wanted to be like teenagers," Archie said slyly as he pulled her in closer. "We’d go sneak off in the woods, don’t you think?" 

Cherise wasn’t the person who would remain quiet sober. She shot her mouth off when she had something on her mind. While a little drunk and her judgement impaired, it made things far too easy to slip from her verbal filter. “Oh my gods, you’re a horny cricket! Yesss…” She slurred with another giggle and raised her eyebrows in surprise. At this rate, they were going to have to fill out a bingo card of where exactly in Storybrooke had the seemingly perfect and vanilla couple had made love.

"Awww…but you won’t get to see how pretty my bra is unless the moonlight hits it right!" Cherise whispered harshly with added laughter into Archie’s chest. "I picked it out special, too!"

Her eyes turned towards the woods. Usually it was such a frightening place or one that brought in a strange sort of change. People didn’t often head into the wooded area unless they were looking for trouble. Tonight, the Hoppers were trouble. Sweet, mild-mannered Archie and his tiny, foul-mouthed wife were going to be trouble.

She thought of her children for a brief moment and how they were being put to bed by Marco. He was probably telling them a story…maybe their own. A story of patience and romance. The only problem was their mother honestly lacked any patience in her bones and had practically started pulling Archie off the pavement.

"C’mooooon. We can lay on my sweater….! It’ll be fiiiiine!" Cherise tugged on Archie’s arm, then pressed her back against his chest when the alcohol had rushed to her head and caused her body to topple back slightly. "Archie, what if you lose my panties out here? Are you gonna come find them in the morning- AHAHAHA! I said come! Hahaha. That’s what you’re gonna do… Hah."

» Mischief Night | @adoctorsconscience

The night had started off romantic enough. Dinner and dancing the night away had blurred Cherise’s mind to the worries that had invaded the Hopper’s lives. Of course, the wine had helped with blurring her senses, too. Everything was airy on the crisp, cool night and even her head was swaying a bit. Cherise was too busy giggling to notice exactly what was going on around her and had started to devolve into snorts and sputters.

"Look at us for a second. We’re like fricking teenagers! Just look, we’re like…it’s like we stole the wine bottles from the cabinet and went to drink them on the roof! But…we went to a nice restaurant instead… AND I WORE MY GOOD BRA!" Cherise covered her mouth as she erupted into her tipsy laughter once more. Leaning heavily on her husband, the pint-sized woman shook her head and carried on.

» greeters;


                ‘So they say’ His words were not sincere but he had enough grace to shield their lack of sincerity with a smile. The more she spoke the more he thought about his own child. The boy he had found on the steps of the cathedral; Quasimodo was unwanted and uncared for. The boy, too many in their land was a monster, ‘Children are the little miracles of life. You can attest to that’

He didn’t quite care what she did it for. All he knew was that if he could reform her beliefs then she might be accepted back into his good graces. But he was the sort that changed his mind with the tip of a hat; at one moment he would be bent on changing others for the good and on the other he wanted everyone to leave him be. ‘You gave it up at a chance to live. And yet, what does that say about the next life? I don’t know much about you or your kind but I know that life is supposed to end. It’s not eternal and it’s your immortal soul that will pay the price.’

He eyed her up and down and made no mention that he perceived her kind not to have souls. After all they weren’t really human, just humanoid. ‘You fear your own, how tragic. The life you left might have given you a sense of unity among them if you made a proper nun but now as you have everything they cannot they will mistreat you. Isn’t it strange the how the world works? But, no matter. If you want to let fear dictate your life then let it. Because as you’ve stated you’ll be hunted. And I’m sure no one will do security here; though who would really? Or sheriff is too busy playing cops and robbers to handle small gatherings of this nature. ‘


"Fairies are complicated beings. We are long-lived and do work. Or we used to. I don’t hold our history. I just know we were more noble once. We took care of nature and people. We cared for children. We did good and followed rules for keeping balance in the world. Someone changed that. That someone brought discord and…needless death and suffering among us. It isn’t coincidence that fairies are placed in pious roles or are the elite of town, Monsignor. It reflects on who we used to be." Cherise sighed and let her body sag while she closed her eyes. She had a very poor grasp of the curse and why it had placed certain fairies where and just why it had them doing what sort of business they needed to do.

She wanted to yell that it wasn’t the life she wanted to live and the curse simply assigned her the role of novice nun. She was poor at the work and never made for a good nun. She was poor with religious studies or with prayer. The most she was good at was being a choir teacher, and even that had limits. She pinched the bridge of her nose in visible frustration. “Considering fairies do occupy roles like nuns, priests, and the wealthy, being here isn’t safe for me. I never know who would rather have me murdered because I’m the “dirty half blood” that ruined the unity between Oberon and Titania. I have to be afraid. Considering I have limited time with my illness, I do sorta want to live to see my youngest reach kindergarten. If I can do that, that would be something. God gave me wits, didn’t he? I should be using them.”

» The Lost Boy | Cherise and Peter


Peter smiled wide as he heard about the place he could call his own. He knew exactly how he wanted to decorate it as well. He would have a dark night sky on the cieling and make the rest look like his own room, with as much green as one could imagine. “Really?” He stated, getting more excited than before. He started to run up the stairs when he realized that he didn’t know where the attic was and turned around, the same glimmer that he used to have in Neverland shining in his eyes. “Whhere is it? Am I getting my own bed? I wanna have stars in my room, and trees?” He asked, saying all of his wild ideas to him. “I also need to find Tinkerbell. Do you know where she is?” He asked as he looked at her, the glimmer slightly fading though still there. 

"I’d like to eat first, yes!" He stated, running back down the stairs towards where he thought the kitchen would be but found himself in the family room. "Cherise!" He yelled, now walking slightly slower around the house to go back and find her. "Where are you?" He stated before finding her again. "I can’t find the kitchen." 

"I haven’t seen Tinker-" Cherise stopped quickly in her speech. First thing was first; food. A sandwich and something to drink. She’d ask Leroy to help her convert the attic room tomorrow and let Peter supervise. For now, she smiled knowingly and walked beside the boy while gesturing down a small group of doorways into a sunny kitchen.

"I was going to tell you the attic room isn’t really done yet. You could share a room with the Little Prince while you’re waiting. Or you can sleep on the pull-out bed in the living room. I think you might like sharing the room with Prince a bit more. He has stars in his room. Maybe it’ll give you a few ideas once your room is done!" Cherise placed the groceries on the counter and pulled her stool over. While starting to prepare the sandwich, she was also putting things away at the same time. "Peanut butter and jelly? Tuna fish? Bologna? Turkey? Ham and cheese? Just cheese? Anything you want, Peter. I can make it."

» Mommy’s Day Out | @leavingonehappier


Annie frowned. “That does sound like a lose-lose situation.” She sighed. “Seeing as how no one can leave town, maybe it’s time to implement a foster system in Storybrooke.” She pulled her lower lip between her teeth, then let a breath out. “You can’t take them all in, Cherise, much as you want to.” She paused. 

"You know I work as a school counselor, right? So many of these children have horrible home lives, but if they aren’t actually being abused, I can’t call CPS. They come to me miserable, in tears, and I do my best to help them. I want to save them, but I have to accept that I can’t. It’s horribly difficult, but if I tried to do more than I can, I’d end up burning out and helping no one. Don’t burn yourself out, Cherise." 

"The apathy of Storybrooke is astounding…" Cherise rolled her eyes in her frustration. "And that apathy does so much damage. They only care if their own lives are at risk. Forget others… And you know we’re not like where you live…" Actual evil parents and step parents were a book her husband could write! Of course, being a fairytale character thrust into the modern world where little magic worked had that disadvantage.

Cherise shook her head sadly. “Unless someone in Storybrooke wants to step up and help Archie and me, then it’s just our fight… That’s what we’re going to have to keep doing. I wish it was as simple as your world, but it isn’t…”



She furrowed her brows not being able to find fault in anything about the mother. Aurora couldn’t understand, maybe she was too stubborn and naive that someone so lovely could have regrets. “But…” She knew what she wanted to say but it didn’t find it’s way out. “I’ll try.”

Aurora looked down at the lace between her fingers, “My father ordered the same thing when he knew he couldn’t protect me. The my aunties, the fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather told me that he and mother sent me away to protect me, like your parents protected you.” She bit her bottom lip, and recalled how from everything she had imagined her father was different. He wasn’t a kind soul he was just locked on revenge rather than his daughter. After that all she had was Phillip and even he had been taken away from her almost the same moment she got him back after her sleeping curse.

"Thank you, this means so much to me. It does." She smiled at Cherise and took her hand. "You’re….just thank you."

Cherise wrapped her fingers around Aurora’s hand and gave it a loving squeeze. “Thanks for what? Words you needed to hear a long time ago? If you need anymore of those, I’m full of mom-isms. Some fairies are partial to caring for children. I suspect that’s the order I was born into. Erm, sort of. The being half thing makes things weird. I’m certain your aunts all had an area of expertise. Oh, and we’re emotional. When we love, we love deeply. I bet you were the center of their universe!”

She would have bet money on it if she was the gambling type. All children were beautiful and all beautiful things were coveted. Aurora was pretty as a young woman, but as a child to have three guardian fairies? It was a lucky thing to have three gracious ladies looking after her. That was, of course, barring any eccentricities they may have had.

» Apples to Tulips | @isntinyourbestinterest


She nodded; frankly she was surprised that the woman even had said as much as she did. The former mayor hadn’t even thought she’d get a straight answer. Her question was far too personal but she felt odd and uncomfortable at least that was the way she had perceived the feeling. In all her silence, what she felt was compassion. She wasn’t incapable of something like that she had just always allowed her more vain desires to scream at her more than her own heart. On the inside she wondered why she hadn’t been suited for the life she pressed on her son and now as time passed she began to realize what she had done.

It wasn’t a great environment for any child, and she hoped now that Henry was with Emma he found what he needed until she got ahold of her own addictions to magic. She was and would forever be tied to it. And nothing would ever excuse her for what she had done to everyone. Even talking to Mary Margaret was a challenge from time to time. But Regina told herself that when she was better and she could deal with everything she had always kept locked away she would be able to see Henry.

“Sounds like you had quite a time then.” Running into the woods sounded crazy but not to a person who was a mother. If all that happened to her it made sense to Regina that Cherise would make sure her child was safe no matter what. People do crazy things for their children, things that others would find insane and just ludicrous. Regina didn’t want to tell her that everything was going to be okay, she wasn’t sure what type of world Cherise had been a part of that brought on so much destruction.

Regina turned her head still watching the mother and child, “Wait, you want me to hold him?” She was caught off guard by the gesture. Of course she did want to hold a child in her arms. She hadn’t held something quite as small and wonderful since Henry. “Are you sure that’s what you want? Me? To hold your –son.” She wanted to make sure first. Though her thoughts were on just being asked. No one really trusted her, and that was with reason. For a long time she wasn’t a good person. And she continued to show that it wasn’t going to change, soon.  “Why would I blame you?”

"I dislike to second guess myself. I’m a stubborn person. I’d never ask unless I really wanted to. My emotions are always worn out for everyone to see…unless I truly like you, then I’ll hide them to spare feelings." Cherise adjusted the infant in her arms, then handed Kiernan over to Regina with a great deal of care. "I insist." 

She was cautious with her fragile bundle of joy. Her children were her world and Cherise’s loving gaze never left the cooing boy as he peered from the scarf and blanket towards Regina.

"Well, a woman of my health and height shouldn’t have children," Cherise stated matter-of-factly, with her voice soft and calm. "Gets me a lot of blame that I was selfish and could have hurt my children just by getting pregnant. Or that I should have stayed inside, where it was safe. Or I should have been a nun like I was supposed to and never gotten married… No husband, no babies." There was a weak shrug of her shoulders and a sad look in her dark eyes. "I don’t know how people can say that when my children are happy and healthy. Even a normal-sized and healthy woman could get attacked and be in the position I’m in now. Of course, I’m biased. I think my children are precious. It’s what we mothers do."

» Mun Questionaire.

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» greeters;



In his mind he had other reasons to dislike her; to him those were valid enough that he need not speak them aloud. They were in all accounts rather obvious to him as he was holding the score but of course not at all evident to anyone around him. “Strange? No, you were by all means told as you have stated that you could not have children. To me it makes sense that everything you could not have you departed to obtain even if the opportunities were in question.”

Frollo stayed quiet for the few seconds she did speak. His hand moved over his jaw in slight distaste. His chin was beginning to feel more harsh; he hadn’t yet gone for a shave. Frollo hadn’t had the time. He never seemed to have a moments peace yet.

“A lot of risk at a fair, of what? Getting pick-pocket by a thief?” She was right, he wasn’t interested at all. But polite conversation was just that and he could keep speaking if she wanted to. “Ah, what did you come for then, I wouldn’t want to keep you. Now, would ?”

"What, you really think I left to have babies? Monsignor, have you ever felt the eyes of your equals on you because you couldn’t make morning prayers again? Because you couldn’t stand up? Because your body forced you to rest? When I was teaching, I managed somehow. I still don’t know how. Maybe diet and dialysis. But I didn’t throw out my habit for babies…" Cherise was nearly giggling at the idea. Children made her feel complete, certainly, but it had been a longer journey to understand herself after departing the sisters. "My own children were miracles. Unexpected and beautiful blessings." She lowered her eyes and drew in a deep breath. Children were her life, but she imagined spending her days teaching and being a spinster. Archie had turned her life around again.

"I have Mother Superior to thank for so much. She didn’t hate me when she saw how I was failing to thrive. She wanted to see me live and see me get well. I couldn’t do it here. I needed medication. I needed to make adjustments for myself. I came here to look for her to tell her that I- Oh forget it. Trust me, I don’t mind talking to you. Judgmental as you are." Cherise chuckled lightly. Frollo didn’t live her life. He didn’t understand that fairy world and he didn’t know what it was like. There were things she couldn’t blame him for judging her about and then there were things she simply would shrug and allow him to think anything he’d wish.

She felt a bit hurt again. No one really understood. Cherise let out an exhausted sigh and closed her eyes. “Among my people, I’m not a well-liked person. My birth wasn’t a welcomed one. My husband is a different story. Me? Someone might try to choose to strike while I’m at my weakest. I never spend outside too long and when I do, I make sure people know where I am and I’m seen. A large crowd could mean something bad.”

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» The Lost Boy | Cherise and Peter


Peter shook his head. “I never cry.” He stated before walking further into the house. He looked back at her, almost as if what had just occurred never happened as he smiled widely. “Do I get my own room?” He asked, liking how bright the house was. It seemed that he did have a home and if he liked it enough he could imagine himself staying here for quite some time. “Where are the other children?” He inquired as he continued to walk through the house, opening various doors and looking into various cupboards as he tried to familiarize himself with his new surroundings. 

"A room of your own, huh?" Cherise had to think about such an idea. As it was, the children were divided up into their own rooms and had started to double up. As of now, the Little Prince had his own room dotted with lights that resembled stars and plenty of art supplies to draw more snakes that had just swallowed elephants or anything his heart desired. It seemed wrong to disturb the small patch of quiet of the older boy. Everyone was so settled in their place…

But the attic was insulated. It was comfortable. It could be changed into a room easily enough. Rather than disturb the library and office, having an upstairs room just for little Peter seemed appealing. “I can make a place for you, should you decide to stay. I can turn our attic room into your bedroom. You may decorate it as you wish. Should one day you wish to share a room, you have that option, too. I do have an older son.” Cherise wanted to keep both options open for the child. If he desired the companionship, he could have it. If he desired the solitude, he was simply a walk down the stairs away.

She chuckled softly and looked up into the air. “Usagi is probably in the backyard with a lightsaber. Don’t call her Usagi right now. She’s either Luke Skywalker or Han Solo. Depends what weapon she has. Luna might be in the library… The littlest ones are in the nursery. Prince may be doing artwork or watching Usagi… If he’s with Usagi, it’s Lord Vader.” After the brief explanation, she kept only a foot behind him and allowed Peter to explore. “Do you want to eat first? I can make you that sandwich.”



"We all found each other." Henry grinned very pleased with himself. Finding each other is something his family had always done the best. It was their motto for hope and always believing that not everything was going to be bad for long. "I’m Henry, the betest fairy godmother in the world."

Archie was one of his favorite people in town, apart from the top obvious people who made up his family. He found a friend in Dr. Hopper and he always listened. “I love you all too and Archie and the babies of course and Usagi and all of you guys. You’re the Hoppers!” He was very happy, “Just like there are chair’s for all of you at my house. Mary Margaret would love to have you guys over. She has a baby too.”

"I think my family is big enough to make a baseball team, Henry. The Hoppers. We’ll play matches against the town when all of the kids are old enough." Cherise smirked, then giggled. "You start off thinking you’re so alone in the world, then you find all of these people who love you. Hard work pays off. It usually works out with if you give a little love, you get some back." 

It hadn’t crossed her mind that Kiernan and baby Neal were close in age until Henry reminded her. Why she hadn’t organized something between herself and Mary Margaret yet, she didn’t know. At least they could try to get something to eat while waiting on nap times to sync up! “Maybe Kiernan and little Neal will be friends. Wouldn’t that be nice to watch? Two little princes… Maybe we can teach the town sign language so Kiernan can speak to everyone. Or at least our families will know. If it’s us, then we can use it like a code. Usagi’s gotten very good at it… I bet you could learn, too!”



"You found them, you found each other." That part he listened to the most. That she had found her mother and her father. It made him really happy to hear that they had been reunited. She was like him. And he wanted ehr to be happy no matter what. But he didn’t want to listen to the warning. No, he wanted to be a hero like in all the stories. Henry wanted to save his teacher from the bad fairies who must have made it impossible for her mom and dad to be together.

"Of course Emma is right! I told her that. I helped her believe." He was very proud of himself. "Do you know what, After everything. You and Archie. Archie was the only one who listened to me. I want to give you one night to dance. My mom and Dad, and Granma and Granpa. We will help. And you pick a day and that night we’ll take care of all the little children. Even me! I’m gonna help and you be with Archie just for a few hours. And when your night is over like Cinderella you can come home and we’ll all be together. All of us."

Cherise had to wonder when did the boy become so wise. He was only a child. He still had time to enjoy what precious time he had left as a boy! There was so much she had always admired of Henry. His kindness and want to make people happy and that willingness to try and see the good in people and circumstances made her feel so warm and fuzzy. All she could do was beam at the boy. “…Just like you found Emma. Just like you found your grandparents…just like…how you have everyone you need in your life right now. Life comes together in strange ways, Henry. It has ways of working out. Yes. That’s right.” She had forgotten her own warning of fairy politics being cruel and deadly. Certainly, she neglected to tell him the rules, but no one played by the rules anymore. The last thing she wanted to do was involve sweet Henry Mills.

"Henry…" Cherise felt a tight hitch in her throat. "You are the most thoughtful and sweetest boy. Archie and I would like that very much. And we’d certainly take the offer. Sending Thumbelina and her prince to the ball… Who thought I would have been teaching my own personal fairy godmother those years ago? I guess I taught you pretty well, hm?" It was hard to hide just how touched she had been by the offer. Even through her giggles, her eyes sparkled with delight.

"Thank you, Henry. I know Archie will be just as happy as I am to hear this… It’s very generous. He loves you quite a lot. He’s always worried about you, even between diaper duty and his sessions. You hold a very special place for him, but I’m certain you know that." Or at least, Cherise hoped. She tried to regain control of her emotions and added, with a large grin. "It means there is an extra chair at the table for you, though it is a bit chaotic at the moment."

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